Did you know that in the human body, there are more than 300 different enzymes that require zinc to function normally? Zinc deficiency can have a dramatic effect on your overall health and can even make you more susceptible to diseases including certain types of cancers.

Here are 10 important functions of zinc you need to know about:

  1. Immune Support – Zinc is essential for cells of the immune system and helps the body’s T cells to function properly. Zinc has even been shown to help decrease the severity and duration of the common cold.
  2. Libido – Zinc plays an important role in the production of testosterone, which is an important hormone for BOTH men and women to maintain a healthy libido, body weight, drive, and mental clarity.
  3. Hormonal Regulation – Zinc helps to increase the conversion of the fatty acid gamma linoleic acid into prostaglandin E1, which is critical for hormonal balance in women.
  4. Healthy Insulin Response – Research shows that higher zinc levels in the blood are linked to a lower risk of diabetes, because zinc binds to insulin so that insulin is adequately stored in the pancreas and released when glucose enters the blood stream.
  5. Hair Growth – Zinc functions in the maintenance of the oil-secreting glands that are attached to our hair follicles, and is an important mineral for proper hair growth.
  6. Memory and Learning – Zinc deficiency interferes with a process called long-term potentiation in the hippocampus region of the brain, which is important for memory and learning.
  7. Sleep – Zinc is necessary for the production of melatonin, which is a key hormone for healthy sleep.
  8. Cancer Prevention – Recent evidence links zinc deficiency to an increased risk of cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries, lungs, skin, and leukemia.
  9. Taste and Smell – Zinc plays and important role in the body’s ability to taste and smell. Studies have shown that raising zinc levels can help to heighten these two senses.
  10. Antioxidant – Zinc is an excellent antioxidant. The purpose of an antioxidant is to get rid of free radicals that cause damage to cells in the body by bonding with them and neutralizing them.

What Should I Look For In A Zinc Supplement?

A high quality zinc supplement can be an effective way of making sure you get adequate levels of zinc, however you need to choose your supplements wisely. The best form of zinc is zinc picolinate, which has a much better absorption rate than the forms more commonly found such as gluconate and sulfate. Obtaining optimal levels of zinc is important for your health; however you can actually take too much. The ideal dose is 50mg / daily. Dr. Shel’s Advanced Zinc is an ideal once-a-day supplement for ensuring optimal zinc levels.

Look for professional grade supplements that have submitted for third-party certification. Third-party certification means that an independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the product was properly manufactured, contains the ingredients listed on the label, and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants. Several studies have found that as many as 4 out of 5 over the counter supplements either did not contain the amount of the ingredients specified on the label, or contained different ingredients and fillers not on the label. In some cases the fillers and ingredients not listed on the labels were even found to be harmful.

The largest and most reputable certifier is NSF International. Supplement manufacturers are not required by law to submit their products for certification. You can be confident that any supplements you purchase from Dr. Shel are NSF Certified supplements of the highest quality. Click here to purchase or learn more about Dr. Shel’s Advanced Zinc.

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