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Telomere testing is a useful diagnostic test for any patient of any age to help determine their “true age” based upon the length of their telomeres. Telomeres are the section at the end of each chromosome that begin to shorten as the cells age and replicate. As the telomeres continue to shorten, the cell is unable to replicate and the aging process begins.

Once the true age is noted through the testing, a treatment protocol can be designed specifically for each patient so slow down the effects of the aging process.

Benefits of Telomere Testing

Healthy aging treatments such as: lifestyle modification, dietary supplementation, adequate nutrition, and avoidance of triggers that can increase the aging process can greatly improve overall health and wellness in each patient and ultimately slow the aging process.

What to Expect *

Lifestyle and habits are reviewed with each patient to determine a baseline prior to the testing. The telomere testing is completed by a simple blood sample and results are received within three weeks after collection. Once the results are returned, the doctor is then able to determine the best means to slow the aging process. Since we are all unique individuals, the treatment suggestions vary from patient to patient.

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