Renee Palmer

My name is Renee Palmer, and I am happy to introduce myself as a 3rd generation nurse with further licensure as a family nurse practitioner.

To detail my education, I earned a BBA degree from Houston Baptist University with a double major in marketing in 2004. Shortly after graduation, I was employed by one of the world’s largest public relations firms as an administrative assistant to the vice president. I found no pleasure in sitting at a desk for most of the day and quickly realized that I desired to be part of a more physically active and engaging work environment. I decided that my true calling is to work closely with people in a field where I may be able to serve as a helper or aide, hence “NURSING”! My mother was a practicing nurse over 50 years and loved every minute of her profession. I found myself on edge as a child and teenager as she shared her career experiences with me. She was the director of nursing for several retirement facilities.

I visited those facilities over my coming-of-age years and absolutely loved interacting with the residents. Together, we carved Halloween jack-o-lanterns, played the piano, made beautiful pottery, baked that pottery in a kiln, talked, shared, and laughed endlessly.

Fast forward to 2008, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Prairie View A&M University. My hospital experience as a registered nurse were in the areas of cardiac critical care, organ transplant IMU, and telemetry IMU. I decided that I needed to further my nursing education and career.

June of 2016, I came to the realization of my dream and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Nursing as a family nurse practitioner. Since graduation, I have worked in the areas of bioidentical hormone replacement, weight loss, wellness, and aesthetic medicine. I am truly thankful and fulfilled that I fell into the natural and disease preventative side of medicine and am a true believer that being proactive to prevent disease is far better than being reactive in dealing with disease.

I am board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Also, I am a member of the Houston Area of Nurse Practitioners organization.

I serve as an international medical missionary worker as well as a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare field. As a side note, I also enjoy travelling and backpacking. My next backpacking trip will be in Colombia or Peru. I haven’t decided yet.

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