Do your seasonal allergies have you running to the pharmacy to buy anti-histamines, decongestants, and Kleenex? Did you know that you can actually treat your allergies naturally and very effectively? So, instead of simply treating your symptoms of allergies, you can treat the causes of your allergy symptoms by increasing your immunity, reducing your allergy flare-ups, and desensitizing yourself to the allergens that trigger your symptoms.

If you are not sure if your symptoms may be caused by seasonal allergies, you can take this simple self assessment for allergies to find out.

Here are my favorite natural ways to boost your health & improve your allergies:

  1. High Dose Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and has been scientifically proven to boost your immunity and reduce the inflammatory response. Take a daily dose of 3,000 mg or more per day to reduce symptoms. Make sure you are using a high quality medical grade Vitamin C to ensure maximum absorption.
  2. Oil Pulling: Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurveda Medicine practice of detoxing, that basically pulls the toxins out of your mouth, gums and in the lymph. I recommend coconut oil of all other oils for this due to it’s amazing healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Do this 2-3 times a day for best results.
  3. Nettie Pot: Using a Nettie Pot for nasal irrigation helps the body get rid of bacteria and irritants that are caught in the tiny, hair-like structures called cilia in your nose. By flushing out clogged nasal passages using a saltwater solution, you thin out the mucus and improve the cilia’s ability to remove bacteria and other irritants from the sinus passages.
  4. Stinging Nettle: The leaves of Stinging Nettle are a natural source of Quercetin, which supports the body’s response to allergens and inhibits histamine release. Taking 300 mg twice a day of freeze-dried nettle leaf can be as, or even more effective as allergy medications.
  5. Fish Oil: Allergic reactions can be significantly reduced by taking fish oil that is high in EPA/DHA on a daily basis. Taking 1000-2000 mg/ day should help to decrease reactions. Fish oil is also one of my “must-haves” for every patient since it is extremely beneficial for overall health as well as brain and cardiac functions.

Sub-lingual Immunotherapy

If your allergies are severe, your best option may be to actually desensitize yourself against all your allergies. Traditionally this was only done through the use of injections. However, a better, and in many cases more effective method, is called sub-lingual immunotherapy (allergy drops). Simply by placing a few drops of liquid under your tongue that has been customized to your specific allergies, you can experience relief from your seasonal allergies.

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