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Over sixty-eight percent of people in this country and that is submental fat or better known as a double chin a lot of people are concerned with that and up until recently the only option was surgery or other such invasive procedures.

Fortunately, there has been an amazing innovative technology that just came out by Zeltiq which is famous for doing CoolSculpting. By now most of you have heard of cool sculpting which is a procedure that reduces or eliminates fat cells completely and permanently.

CoolSculpting technology was based on cryolipolysis, and the studies were done at Harvard University where they realized that when you freeze fat cells to the low freezing temperature with CoolSculpting a dope goes down to about -10 degrees and in cool mini to -11 degrees. It completely eliminates the fat cells by making them go through a process called apoptosis or natural cell death without harming or affecting the surrounding tissues or the skin. 

This is the technology that’s been around for a while we’ve been using in our office for several years now very successfully hundreds of patients being treated and we have been treating areas such as the abdomen, love handles, bra folds, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, you name it you can treat a lot of different areas with CoolSculpting but this particular applicator called the cool mini is very new and is the only applicator that can treat the submental or the chin fat the way that we determine if you’re a good candidate is by doing an exam and seeing if you have enough fat to actually hold this into this applicator and then this is the applicator that we use to actually put it on the fat and there’s a vacuum device it pulls the fat in to the device and gets it to -10 degrees when it goes through that procedure and you’re on the machine. 

If you wait for about 45 minutes, it has been seen that once the cells go through natural cell death they will be eliminated for good and permanently and they don’t come back in that particular area most patients only need one to two treatments. They start seeing results within about four to twelve weeks. The best results are in about three to four months and the results continue going as you go on.

If this is something that interests, you or somebody that you know give us a call we’d be happy to answer any questions or just go online to fill out a consultation request.

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